A Commitment to Community beyond Carlsbad and Dentistry: Cocal soccer

July 2, 2014

smiles all aroundThey love their new pink uniforms in cocalCocal soccer

Several years ago we started a foundation to purchase soccer uniforms for the teams from the village of Cocal in Costa Rica. The village is in large part made up of squatters, many of whom have suffered at the hands of ugly American drug dealers and greedy developers. Pushed off the lands that they have lived on long enough to establish legal rights, they are the victims of corruption and greed; their humble thatched huts burned or bulldozed. They have every right to hate Americans and many of them still do. We have attempted to show them that not all Americans are the same. The foundation is funded by donations from our friends and family including in large part by Wild Bill Brown, my mentor and idol. He is probably one of the most interesting people I know. More about him at another time. For years the soccer teams from Cocal played in rag tag uniforms of various colors or just street clothes. We set up the foundation so that the interest on the foundation funds insures that every year either the boys or the girls team gets new uniforms. I will never forget several years ago the first game they played with their new uniforms. Against their rivals from the rich village team that had always looked down on them and beaten them. Cocal won. The smiles on their faces were priceless. This year the girls team qualified for the national tournament and we know their new uniforms inspired them as well. They placed third in Costa Rica. We are proud of their accomplishments. We also know that the toothbrushes donated by Sunstar Butler Gum Toothbrush company and distributed by us over the last twenty years have made a difference and contributed to their smiles