A Belated Thank You to our Patients


Thank yous are better late than never.

A belated thank you to our amazing patients at Thanksgiving

At this time of thanksgiving we become even more aware of how thankful we are for our patients and friends. Not only do you support us and make our practice successful but you enhance our lives and the lives of others in so many ways that the list is endless; from simply sharing a joke and laughter with us, to working on a cure for cancer that may save many from suffering. We could write thank yous to each of you individually, but we think it is important for everyone to realize what amazing neighbors we have. Last year we began our list of amazing patients that we are thankful for and this year we continue the tradition. We feel honored and privileged to be associated with so many quality people who care about us, share with us, and contribute not only to us but to life.

Some have great accomplishments while others teach us simple yet invaluable lessons in life. We can’t use names because that would be a violation of HIPPAA, but we know you will recognize your thank you. The order of the list below is not a reflection or indication of importance simply a random list of our amazing patients.

The young woman we have watched grow up whose uses her gift of compassion to ease the struggles of others as old age takes its toll on them and their families.

The humble athlete whose multi sport talent from Olympic level skiing to surfing, pushes us to try new challenges.

The police, border patrol and DEA agents who risk their lives everyday dealing with situations that require caution, compassion, patience and bravery that most of of do not have.

The son of a football coach legend who follows in his fathers foot steps convincing young men that they can accomplish more than they can conceive with hard work and teamwork. His team puts together a comeback for the ages during the CIF playoffs.

The young couple who travel the world setting up cameras that document and share the wonders of animal life on this planet for all of us to see.

The world class surfer, skier, sky diver, rodeo legend, friend and mentor who taught me about business by being the best boss I ever had. He brought Midwestern ethics to the surf business and became successful.

The cancer patient whose eternal optimism and great attitude inspired us all during his long losing battle. And of course his wife, who steadfastly helped carry the burden and suffered almost as much he showing us all what real love is.

The internet SEO specialists and programmers who willingly give us advice and help to insure our success on the internet.

All those surfing patients who come in and share how good the waves are while we are working..at least we can vicariously enjoy their waves.

The artist, who in spite of kidney transplants and operations shares his meticulous art work with us.

The young woman film director who followed her dream to Hollywood and whose films are shown at festivals around the world.

The long ago Carlsbad resident who left Carlsbad in his youth, returns to his “hometown” and when asked what he has been doing, sheepishly admits he has been producing the longest running drama on TV.

The old rock and roll stars who share their passion for music and road stories but admit their everyday life now filled with concerns about their children and managing warehouses is more rewarding.

The patient who works tirelessly traveling the world promoting surfing as an Olympic sport so that the whole world will be able to enjoy surfing.

The cancer patient who comes in to get her teeth cleaned, whips off her hair/wig and throws it in the corner without the slightest embarrassment teaching us to be happy with who we are and what we have.

The one time world class surfer, one of the best I ever saw, who abruptly quit to become a plumber and happily calls himself a t— herder: teaching us that success and happiness are not defined by bright lights or fame but by your contributions to others. We should never forget plumbers have saved more lives than all the doctors simply by insuring us clean water and sanitation.

The ex-boxer, giant of a man felled by cancer whose sensitive side found expression in his photography that is displayed in our office. Teaching us not to judge a person by their appearance.

The world famous author and artist whose children’s books are read worldwide and who uses her fame and fortune to try and save the world by funding projects like soccer balls made by Afghani women and then donated to children in Costa Rica. She still finds time to present drawings to the Carlsbad City Council depicting what a more idyllic Carlsbad could look like

The humble young German engineer whose passion to cure cancer is overwhelming. His initial plan to go into medicine thwarted by his youthful laziness, he goes on to becomes one of the operational mangers for a worldwide bio tech firm producing the antibodies that may someday save many of us.

The pastors and others who offer spiritual advice and debate without judgment

All of those teenage patients who have grown up from creating havoc for their parents to creating happiness. Having practiced for 34 years and having experienced it personally I can at least reassure most parents that this too shall pass.

My mentor who taught me patience in dealing with people, perseverance when fighting bureaucracies and to believe in myself when I know I m right. He helped form one of the leading organizations that supports the Carlsbad schools by bringing together people with varying agendas and personalities. He fought the big banks when he knew he was right and refused to give in when they all believed he was too small to win…and win he did.

The local businesses that showed up at the Carlsbad Fire Department Charity Golf Tournament to express their gratitude to the fire fighters for risking their lives trying to save their building in the Carlsbad fires despite losing everything in the fires.

The older patients who come in and do their crosswords or Sudoku reminding us to use it or loose it when it comes to our minds.

Our goal/obligation to try to give back to you a small potion of what you give to us. If you do not recognize yourself in one of our thank yous we assure you, you have not been forgotten. We will be continuing the list next year. Have a thankful holiday.