Carlsbad Area Healthcare Professionals We Recommend

This is a list of referrals that we use and recommend with confidence knowing that they have taken care of our patients and families. We not only have personal experience working with them as colleagues but also feedback from our patients about the care and kindness they have received.

We welcome feedback from you about the care we provide and the care you have received from others so that we can improve and make sure you are being taken care of.

Periodontists/ Gum Specialists
Dr. Bill Cho / 760-720-7372
Dr. Scott Paul 760-630-8727

Oral Surgeons
Dr. Jon Shafqat / 760-724-7474
Dr. Stephen Wheeler and Dr. John Seul / 760-942-1333

Dr Micheal Willes / 760-434-5031
Dr. Kelly Ryan Taylor and Dr. Parmis Sionit / 760-434-7645
Dr Brent Hurst
Dr. Terri Yoshikane

Pediatric Dentistry/Children’s Dentistry
Dr. Pat Davis
Dr. Matt Davis 760-760-942-1131

Endodontists/Root Canal Specialists
Dr. Craig Malin 760-729-0342
Dr. Steve Merchant / 760-434-5066
Dr. Brown / 760-726-3973
Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. Marc Lebovitiz 760-726-2440
Dr Julie Berry 760-726-2440

Dermatologists/Skin doctors
Dr. Scheinberg

Dr. Ron Woerpel 760-901-5100
Dr. Vic Dalforno 760-941-4498

Ophthalmologist/ Eye Doctors
Dr. Brad Greider / 760-758-2020

Dr. Tom Farrell 858-565-9666

General Practitioners
Dr. Elliot Miller 760-901-5070
Dr. Soppe / 760-944-8402