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Dr Geoff Bell D.D.S., Carlsbad’s Dentist

As a young child and soft-drink-loving teenager who hated the dentist and had cavities every visit, my initial experiences with dentistry were much like many of you. As such, I have had more than my share of dental work. Because I share those experiences, I realize my job is to make you feel good about your teeth now, not guilty about the past. My personal perspective enables me to understand and relate to people who have significant fears and concerns about dental care.

My childhood dentist would be rolling over in his grave if he knew my occupation today. He was not understanding, gentle, or concerned about why I had so many cavities. My mission is to empower you to become a better patient by making your dental experience comfortable and comprehensible through exceptional and gentle care. My most important role as a dentist is to help you understand how we can work together to prevent future problems. I am constantly exploring and researching new ways to help my patients stay healthy.

The Bell family has lived in Carlsbad for over 40 years. Both of his children Brandon and Julene attended the Carlsbad school system

I did not come to dentistry on a single career path. My journey of employment took many turns; I was a taco fryer at Taco Bell, deckhand on a tanker, waiter at the Hungry Hunter (I was a terrible waiter), houseman at La Costa Resort, dental lab tech, auto mechanic, ski mechanic, surf shop employee and a corrosion engineering technician. It probably doesn’t hurt that my father was a psychologist, but one of the most important things I have learned from these different jobs and life experiences is how to get along with all types of people. In addition, I also learned what I like to do best. My whole life I have enjoyed working with my hands, from jewelry making to working as an auto mechanic. (Working on dental implants is like working on an exotic car with feelings attached.) After graduating with high honors from UCSD in 1974, I found my life’s passion at the UCLA School of Dentistry where I was able to use my ability to relate to others and my hands to contribute to others. I graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry in 1980.

Dr. Bell is always looking to improve oral health even when he is not in Carlsbad

Dr. Bell is always looking to improve oral health even when he is not in Carlsbad

I have lived all over the world including Chicago, Louisiana, Australia, India, Claremont, Mammoth Lakes, Pennsylvania, and finally Carlsbad, California. Having traveled around the world twice on ships, I can say with certainty, that there is no better place to live than Carlsbad. Today I am living my dream. I live in the community I love, Carlsbad, with my wife, Debi, the love of my life for 44 years, three blocks from my office. I have the successful practice I always dreamed of filled with my friends and neighbors. My daughter and son who were raised in Carlsbad have happy successful lives of their own. Our daughter lives here in Carlsbad and travels around the the US as a very successful program manager for a technology firm. She tries to explain to me what she does but it is way over my head. Our son Brandon joined our dental practice six years ago after graduating from UCLA dental school. Sharing my life’s passion with him is a joy. Everywhere I go people stop me to tell me what a great person and dentist he is. Every parent’s dream is for their children to be better than they are, I live that dream. Having lived in India as a teenager I realize how blessed we are to live in the United States and how much of the world lacks for even the most essential, simple things in life like a toothbrush.

The AWB foundation funds new soccer uniforms for the team from Cocal Amarillo every two years.

The AWB foundation funds new soccer uniforms for the team from Cocal Amarillo every two years.

Over the last twenty three years our family has traveled to Costa Rica visiting local schools and isolated areas distributing over 18.000 toothbrushes and providing oral hygiene instructions. We have also provided computers school supplies, fishing gear and clothes for people in need. In addition our patients have helped us to distribute toothbrushes throughout the world to Africa, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rarotonga, Bali, Panama, Cuba, and El Salvador. We also have established the AWB foundation that funds uniforms for local Costa Rican soccer teams from one of the poorest villages Cocal Amarillo. now and into the future. We alternate, one year the boys team the next the girls team. Against all odds the local girls team from the small village played in the national semifinals for Costa Rica.

Carlsbad’s Dentist Geoff Bell distributing toothbrushes in Costa Rica schools


One of the reasons Dr.Bell loves Carlsbad is his passion for surfing.

One of the few times you can not get a hold of Dr. Bell on his cell phone. Don’t worry he checks his messages when he gets out of the water.

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Hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another year and I have celebrated my 69th birthday and 39th year in practice. Hardly a day goes by without a patient asking: What are you doing in the office or when are you going to retire? I always try to look at the bright side and assume they want me to continue to practice even if they seem disappointed that its not Brandon coming in to see them. I know many of them want to see the handsome, sensitive, young guy but I try to explain to them my reasons for continuing to practice. First I am living my dream. We have great patients and employees, they are my friends and family. Second I get to share my passion with my son and watch his success. Finally I have no other skills that would enable me to contribute to others and feel useful. OK, the reality is that Debi has made it clear that she could not put up with me or my energy if I was home all the time. So I will continue to dentistry as long as my body will allow, as long as I enjoy it and as long as I can do it well. With regards to the last; we dentists are perfectionists and always questioning and critically evaluating our own work so it was reassuring that we received the Top Dentist 2019 award from San Diego magazine. We have never purchased any advertising in the magazine and the choice is made by the dental specialists in the area. We do not want to seem braggadocios but we are proud to be selected again by our fellow dentists and dental specialists as one of the top dental offices in Carlsbad. Actually Brandon and I are two of the five dentists elected from over a hundred dentists in Carlsbad. This represents the 11th year in a row. I know of no other office that has received the award so consistently. We would like to thank the specialists who voted for us but more importantly you our patients who trust us with you dental health all year around.

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