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Bell Family Dentistry uses the latest state-of-the-art dental technology to bring exceptional care to our patients.

We have the experience of 37 years working with different technologies continually evaluating, adopting and using them in the cases where they will work the best. We utilize the below technologies because they have been proven to provide the best results and the most patient comfort.

Digital X-Rays
We use Dexis digital x-rays and the most current protection techniques to achieve the best quality images to diagnose and discover problems while reducing our patients exposure to radiation.

Digital Impressions
Using a Cerec video camera to image your mouth we can “take an impression” without all the mess or gagging discomfort of impression materials.

Intraoral Cameras
We have intraoral cameras which allow you to see what we see and enable us to monitor and record situations in your mouth more closely. This allows us to educate you, take a more conservative approach while at the same time insures you insurance company can see what we see.

CAD/CAM Single Visit Crowns
We have the ability to make crowns in our office enabling us to insure quality and offer one visit convenience to our patients.

Air Abrasion
Air abrasion allows us to restore small cavities without the use of a drill.

We utilize the most current technologies including text and email to communicate with our patients and keep them informed.

Anesthetics and Patient Comfort
We employ the latest anesthetic techniques and anesthetics to insure the comfort of our patients. Not every anesthetic works for every patient. We find the anesthetic that works. Nitrous oxide is also available for apprehensive patients. We of course have pillows blankets and headphones to make your visit as comfortable as possible.


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Top Carlsbad Dentists 2019

Hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another year and I have celebrated my 69th birthday and 39th year in practice. Hardly a day goes by without a patient asking: What are you doing in the office or when are you going to retire? I always try to look at the bright side and assume they want me to continue to practice even if they seem disappointed that its not Brandon coming in to see them. I know many of them want to see the handsome, sensitive, young guy but I try to explain to them my reasons for continuing to practice. First I am living my dream. We have great patients and employees, they are my friends and family. Second I get to share my passion with my son and watch his success. Finally I have no other skills that would enable me to contribute to others and feel useful. OK, the reality is that Debi has made it clear that she could not put up with me or my energy if I was home all the time. So I will continue to dentistry as long as my body will allow, as long as I enjoy it and as long as I can do it well. With regards to the last; we dentists are perfectionists and always questioning and critically evaluating our own work so it was reassuring that we received the Top Dentist 2019 award from San Diego magazine. We have never purchased any advertising in the magazine and the choice is made by the dental specialists in the area. We do not want to seem braggadocios but we are proud to be selected again by our fellow dentists and dental specialists as one of the top dental offices in Carlsbad. Actually Brandon and I are two of the five dentists elected from over a hundred dentists in Carlsbad. This represents the 11th year in a row. I know of no other office that has received the award so consistently. We would like to thank the specialists who voted for us but more importantly you our patients who trust us with you dental health all year around.

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Top Carlsbad Dentist 2019
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Top Carlsbad Dentist 2019