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5 Stars
Delightful as always!!!
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
douglasc, Oceanside
I was recently asked if I knew a good dentist. I said NO … I knowThe BEST DENTIST!!! Geoffrey Bell DDS and his staff are THE BEST you will ever find.
5 Stars
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
tomw, Carlsbad
Doc, You really should be in the Guinness Book of World Records! 

I’ve been going to you for 30 years and I’ve never experienced the slightest bit of pain or even discomfort as evidenced by my falling asleep many times in your chair, and I find your work to be impeccable and fast. 
Who could ask for anything more? 
May you never retire and last longer than my teeth.
5 Stars
Truly one of kind experience
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
anthonya, Vista
I typically don’t submit reviews but I had to take the time aside in this case.

To start, I haven’t had the best experiences at the dental office so I’m very “particular” when it comes to the care of my teeth. While some people enjoy visiting their dentist I’d be the first to challenge that statement. Dr. Bell on the other hand has completely reversed that mental process. Beyond the technical aspects of his industry he is more than just a professional. Dr. Bell extends himself as very caring person who goes beyond the call of duty. He brings a human element that you don’t find all too often in todays world of business. For example, after receiving 2 deep cavity fillings (completely painless by the way) I received a phone call from Dr. Bell later that evening asking how I was feeling and if I had any problems to contact him directly. Mind you this is my second time visiting his office after a great first impression. Needless to say, I consider myself in excellent hands as I look forward to my next visit. 
All in all, you won’t regret visiting Dr. Bell and his outstanding staff. If you’re looking for great service, a family like environment or an expert in his practice without lacking the human element then look no further. Your expectations will be exceeded. Plain and simple.
5 Stars
Warm and friendly
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
gregz, Carlsbad
Although, I haven’t ever been an anti-dentie, I have heard of people who kick and scream about having to go to the dentist. I have been going to Dr. Bell for many years and he is always warm and friendly. He wants to make sure you are comfortable and is almost like a friend. He and his staff are wonderful. They make you feel special. Once when my son had an odd x-ray from his orthodontist, Dr. Bell kindly took a look at them and advised me of what he would do next if he were me. He didn’t even charge me. He did this out of the goodness of his heart. I appreciate his skills and experience as a dentist and equally as much as his ability to connect on such a personal level with his clientele. After going to him for over 25 years, I couldn’t ever be an anti-dentie even if I tried. 

Thank you, Dr. Bell and wonderful staff!!
5 Stars
very pleasant!
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
sandraw, Carlsbad
Every time I go in for an appointment with Dr Bell, I leave with excellent tips, suggestions on how to improve my overall dental health. It is not your typical dental appointment. There is a truely , genuine interest that comes with each visit. The same professionalism that I find with Dr Bell , is true with every single office staff !!! Thank You for all you do.
5 Stars
I’m crazy about dentistry
Certified exclusively by Demandforce
helenb, San Diego
Most everyone I know hesitates, fears, grudgingly goes to see their dentist….or, some avoid the dentist altogether….but I must be weird–I look forward to going to my dentist. You know what?! I think it’s Dr. Bell, his staff and their cozy, comfie office!
Yes, that’s it. My daughters and I never are anxious about the dentist, because here you receive a warm welcome and a gentle touch; still they are professional and productive and everyone reaches their goal. Congrats to Dr. Bell for providing SUCH a great environment to his patients and our community.

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