San Diego Magazine Top Carlsbad Dentists

“If you had a patient in need of a dentist which dentist would you refer them to?”

Top dentists chosen for CarlsbadThis is the question that was asked of thousands of dentists to determine who would be included in as one of the top dentists in each city.   The criteria for judging included years of experience, continuing education, knowledge and use of new techniques and technologies, and most importantly the success of treatment outcomes.  The dentists were asked to put aside friendships and politics and judge only on the knowledge of their fellow dentists work.  The pollsters are confident that given their methodology that corrects for bias these lists represent the most reliable accurate and useful list of dentists anywhere.

Carlsbad Dentist Dr. Bell Honored as a Top Dentist

When the dentists in Carlsbad were asked this question they chose Dr Geoff Bell as one of the top dentists in the city.  I am honored  to have received this award based on the recommendations of my fellow dentists here in Carlsbad.

Top Dentist Award for Carlsbad's Dentist Geoff bell