Two Colorado Celebrations

This is not a dental post but rather a personal story that I share with you our patients and friends as we have grown up and shared so much of our lives,  good times  deserved to be shared and enjoyed by all


colorado snowWe just returned from Colorado visiting our daughter Julene and hosting an engagement party celebrating her coming marriage to Scott aka. “the big kahuna.”  As I described before our family is in one of life’s sweet spots with Brandon joining our dental practice and the coming union of Scott and Julene. I guess its a different world now; couples buy a home before they get married.  A much nicer/bigger home than the garage that Debi and I first lived in,  Julene and Scott’s newly purchased home  was big enough for all of us; Brandon, his wife Kristina, Debi and I  to all stay together. As a family,  we shared the warmth of the first fire in their fireplace .  Extremely hard workers with career jobs, Scott and Julene were able to purchase their dream home, one where  they intend to raise their children.  Those would be grandchildren to me, wow am I really that old?!!  They actually looked for houses based on the quality of the school districts as one of their main criteria.  They should be able to have quite a family since they have five bedrooms.  You do seem get more for your money in Colorado, sometimes more than you realize.   When I asked them how many bathrooms they had, neither got it right, both forgetting about the extra bathroom in the basement.  I am just happy they are so happy  making a home together.


We woke the first morning to the first winter  snow, a beautiful white blanket that covered the flowers out front and the apples trees in the back yard,  Julene and Scott kept complaining about the inedible “crab apple” trees in the backyard that covered the ground with apples and filled multiple trashcans. The apples didn’t look like crab apples to me so I picked one and tasted it.  It was delicious, in fact it may even be a golden delicious.  Maybe it was  the cold from the snow or that it came from my daughter’s trees but it was one of the most crisp, delicious apples I have ever had. It was definitely better than the apples my daughter had just purchased at the store. I picked and ate one everyday just to irritate my daughter.  Some things never change as a father,

 At the party we  met many of the people/friends who will be in the wedding;  a great group of young people who are happy and accomplished.   The party was on October 5th which also happened to be Debi and my 38th wedding anniversary.   Funny how life is full of small but meaningful coincidences.

I hope  Scott and Julene share the same love and happiness that Debi and I have all these years.

Debi has always been my beautiful bride, from 1972 to 2012.