Weddings and Dentistry, a Perfect Match

Dental Weddings and Anniversaries:

Holy Molar

A little over year ago, I had the honor of performing my second wedding ceremony; a huge responsibility that I took very seriously. I made the couple promise I did not have to do the paperwork. If you will recall after my first marriage ceremony, I failed to file the appropriate paperwork in time resulting in a small problem, no legal marriage. Not to worry, it did eventually get straightened out. Funny thing happened after this marriage, having nothing to do with me this time, a scribbled address by one of the witnesses and an overzealous paperwork Nazi at the county clerk’s office decided to invalidate the license. There I was again rushing to get paperwork redone before the bride and groom, who are both lawyers, took off for their honeymoon so their marriage would be legal…We just made it.

Even though my ordination may have come from the internet, I in no way want to diminish the importance of marriage or the sacred promises that are made. Having been married for almost forty years, I have a vested interest in the institution of marriage. I knew the marriage I performed would last (If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t have done it). Two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to know, Allison and Nowell are the exceptions to what most people expect of big time lawyers,  and I have known Nowell since before he was born.  His parents Bill and Diane Lantz have been our friends for almost fifty years.  In fact, Bill married both my son Brandon and my daughter Julene.


Dr. Brandon Bell marrying the love of his life, Kristina.


Dr Bells Daughter Julene marries her shing knight Scott


So, I guess  really  I owed them a ceremony. He did such a wonderful ceremony that the pressure was really on me.  Nowell and Allison loved the ceremony, so I did my job.  I missed the exact  anniversary, but I still want to congratulate Nowell and Allison on their first wedded year and the coming birth of their first child. I thank them for the honor and opportunity to share in the happiness of their wedding. The experience was one of the highlights of my life.

Carlsbad Dentist performs wedding


Dr. Brandon Bell Clergy and dentist

Like Father, like Son

As you all know I am extremely proud and honored that my son shares my passion for dentistry and has joined our practice.  Still, I was a little surprised when he also joined the clergy and presided over his first wedding. I will let him describe his experience at a later date but I can tell you as a fellow pastor and proud father he performed a wonderful service.  I think better than mine.
So now you not only have your choice of dentists in the dental office you can choose your clergy too. We are trying out a new slogan:
Bell Family Dentistry: We can marry you, or fix your teeth.