Top Dentist 2015 San Diego Magazine

Yesterday, a patient was reading San Diego Magazine in our office and asked me if I knew we were on the 2015 Best Dentist in San Diego listing.  I very rarely get the opportunity to read the magazines in the office, and I do not pay much attention to media, but I did know that we have been selected for the past four years as one of the top dentists in San Diego.  Given that the selection is made by our fellow dentists and dental specialists, we feel honored to receive this recognition again.   That only three dentists out of over a hundred  in Carlsbad received the award makes the selection even more meaningful.  We strive to do our best for each of our patients, treating everyone as if they are part of our family.  You can read more and check out the list in San Diego Magazine’s April issue.

best of San Diego dentist list San Diego Magazine