Amazing Dental Patients and Dental Companies Helping Others

Sunstar/Butler Toothbrushes to Africa

Smiles and toothbrushes

Sometimes we are the ones who perform acts of kindness or charity and other times we are just conduits for the good deeds of others.  We have amazing patients and we have amazing companies like Sunstar (Butler Toothbrushes) who support us in the practice of dentistry.

Toothbrushes and Hope

Recently two patients independently came to us asking if we could help with donations for needy children in Africa as they were going a on a trip that included visiting orphanages.  Having  visited and distributed toothbrushes in many third world countries we  understand the overwhelming needs of people in poverty especially when it comes to oral hygiene.  Thanks to the generosity of the Sunstar company we were able to provide toothbrushes for both patients to take to Africa and distribute to those children in need.   We take little credit as the real heroes are the Sunstar Company and our patients who carried the toothbrushes half way around the world to help others.  In a world turned upside down by violence the kindness of others humbles us and gives us hope.  Thanks Sally and Debi for being our patients and ambassadors of dental health.young soccer players with toothbrushes