Bell Family Dentistry Top Dentist Award 2016

top dentist award 2016 san diego magazine

Always striving to be the best you can be and consistently performing your best, is the sign of a true professional. We work hard  to be dental professionals. Dentistry is hard: Like trying to do fine watch repair up side down, in a mirror, in a dark cave, underwater with a sea snake, the tongue, trying to protect its home. We are not complaining. The challenge is what makes it so rewarding. One of the greatest rewards is to be recognized by your peers, your fellow dentists and dental specialists, who know just how hard it is.Which is why being selected as one of the top dental offices in San Diego and Carlsbad is such an honor. That our fellow dentists and dental specialists would select us as one of the top dental offices is humbling; especially when the question asked was simply,  ” If you had a patient in need of a dentist, which dentist would you refer them to?” The survey is published in San Diego Magazine once a year and only three dentists out of the one hundred and twenty in Carlsbad were selected this year. We are one of only two dental offices to have been recognized for the last seven years in a row. The only greater reward is reading the appreciative kind words our patients share about us in reviews on the internet. We strive to do our best for each patient, not for the accolades, but because we care about our patients.