Top Carlsbad Dentists San Diego Magazine 2012

San Diego Carlsbad Top DentistsTop Carlsbad Dentist Dr. Bell Chosen Again

Every professional values the opinions of his peers.  I think that may actually be one of the attributes that defines a professional;  someone who cares about his job and strives to be the best.  That is what makes this award so meaningful. When dentists in Carlsbad were asked,” If you had a patient in need of a dentist which dentist would you refer them to?”  I was chosen by my peers as one of the best in Carlsbad.   I am deeply honored by this selection  and appreciate the respect of   my fellow dentists.  You can find the list in San Diego Magazine, April Issue, page 85.

Criteria for San Diego Magazine’s  Top Carlsbad Dentist

The survey asked each dentist to set aside friendship and politics and make their selection based on experience, use of new technologies and techniques, manner with patients, continuing education,  and physical results. They were asked to make the decison based on their knowledge of the dentist’s ability and work.  I accept the honor with the obligation that goes along with it to continue to make a positive contribution to dentistry and the community of Carlsbad. 

Previously featured as one of  2011 San Diego Magazine Top Carlsbad Dentists