Not Everyone Likes the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy visits Bell Family Dentistry


Halloween Traditions at Bell Family Dentistry

As many of you know it has been a tradition in our dental office to dress up for Halloween on the days we work for the last 34 years.  Halloween will fall on Friday this year, and since I no longer work Fridays,  I will not be in the dental office dressed up.   We know how disappointing this is to some who come by to see what foolish costumes I have come up with every year, from toothpaste tube to Mrs. Doubtfire, so I went into to the history books and found a picture of my classic outfit as the tooth fairy in 1981 when I first opened my office.   I share it with you along with a story, about what happened that day when I discovered:

Not everyone likes the tooth fairy

We try not to appoint new patients on Halloween, but when we do, we always let them know we dress up.  Back in 1981 a new patient called whose family were all patients.  He was a big time executive for an  international company.  We informed him that we dress up for Halloween.  He replied that he was always in costume.  He sounded like he had a sense of humor, so we appointed him on Halloween.  I put together an outfit as the tooth fairy including a tiara, wand, blond wig,wings, sparkles and a beautiful pink lamiae gown.  The look was stunning.

When I made my entrance into the room the look on his face told me I had lost him.  I tried my best to recover, but I knew he obviously did not like the tooth fairy.  He never came back. My theory is that as a child the tooth fairy never came for his teeth.  His family continued as patients.

You can drop the office and check out Dr. Brandon Bell and staff Halloween costumes.