Wedding Smiles by Bell Family Dentistry

Wedding Ceremonies by Dentists

Why would anyone ask a dentist to marry them? Perhaps because dentistry is one of the most respected professions or is it because they don’t charge for weddding ceremonies? What is important is that it is  a huge honor and responsibility that both Brandon and I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

wedding photo of reverend Geoffrey Bell DDS

Brandon and I share a passion for dentistry and people.  Being entrusted with one of life’s most important moments is an honor and obligation. I am thankful to the internet for enabling  us to  legally perform marriages  because I don’t think either one of us could make it through seminary although Brandon would be much more likely to succeed.

My most  most recent wedding, this August, was in a beautiful private park on the beach in San Clemente in what used to be the Nixon western white house compound.  A more beautiful setting would be difficult to find.  You can see the wedding video trailer on our Youtube site.

I admit to being a little intimidated as the father of the bride is a well known motivator and great speaker who has turned around and built some of the biggest biotech firms.  He is the kind of person who gets up in the middle of the night runs 20 miles and then emails motivational messages to his team by 5:oo am.  I took solace in knowing just how difficult emotionally it is to give away your daughter and give the father of the bride speech.  When he walked his daughter down the isle with  that same confused look of sadness and happiness that I had  felt,  I was relieved.  He gave a great father of the bride speech even as the pages shook nervously in his hands. No corporate presentation under pressure can compare to the most important speech of your life giving away your daughter.

I work hard to personalize the ceremony because  nothing is more boring than a wedding ceremony full of platitudes with little connection to the couple or their relationship. In preparing for the ceremony and to understand the couple I ask then to write five words describing why they love the other and a single sentence about their love.  During our pre-marriage ceremony planning /counseling sessions we discuss the phases of their relationship and how they came to love one another. From their own words I build the ceremony  trying to strike a balance between humor and the importance of the marriage ceremony. This ceremony was made a little more difficult because both the bride and groom were named Taylor, an invitation for confusion.  I received the ultimate compliment when a man I know to have been the CEO of some of the biggest medical research companies came to me and related he was going to officiate at a marriage soon and wanted to use my marriage ceremony template. You can see a trailer for the wedding.    I will post the whole ceremony on our You tube when it is available so you can judge for yourself.


White Weddings/White Teeth

We believe in the institution of marriage and for those couples who are patients we offer free teeth whitening as a wedding present.  So if you are getting married let us know ahead of time so we can get your teeth white for the ceremony.