Holiday Thanks to All our Dental Patients and Friends

Carlsbad/North County, the Best Place to be All Year Long

We all have so much to be thankful for: We live in the best country in the world. I can say that having lived Australia and India as a child and traveled around the world twice by crusie ship visiting countries in every part of the globe. We live in the best part of that country, people, weather, surf etc. I can say that having lived in Chicago, Baton Rouge, Pennsylvania as well as California. I have been a deckhand on tanker throughout the mid west from Ohio to New York. We just returned from visiting Northern California for a wedding and perhaps I am old fashioned but I just am not hip enough to fit in. I know that much of this applies to the other cities in North County, I just happen to live and work in Carlsbad so it is my home. Has Carlsbad changed since I first came here fifty years ago, certainly. Have those changes all been for the better, no there is more traffic, and crowding. But one thing that has not changed, the character of the people. Carlsbad is still a small town or at least its citizens want and work to maintain that small town feel. People are friendly and reach out to help each other through small acts of kindness or donating to organizations to help others. We recently went to the Boys and Girls club auction where the generosity of Carlsbad’s citizens and businesses was fully displayed, over $320,000 was raised. Where else but Carlsbad would you, like our friend  come home from the hospital after falling off a ladder and breaking your hip taking down your Christmas lights to find that the paramedic/firemen had taken down your lights for you and boxed them neatly on your porch. In  Carlsbad you can go to the local village pharmacy and the pharmacist actually takes the time to explain to you why your mother in law is so difficult and how each of her medications will work and what to look for in symptoms. We appreciate the patients we see everyday and contribute to our lives making this the best place to live and practice dentistry.

So we give thanks to:

All the patients/parents who share in the joy of working with their children.
The used to be young surf bum who now owns  the pipeline company that does much of the work in North County.
Airline pilots and air traffic controllers who bring us safely  home.
The ophthalmologist who gives us emergency eye care medications and instructions so if we get hurt in a foreign country we can at least make it home .
Then humble World War 2  vets who begrudgingly recount the sacrifices they made and ordeals they survived
The military families of today who sacrifice the companionship of their loved ones so they can protect our freedoms.
The seventy two year friend and surfer who I have surfed with for almost fifty years who inspires us with his enthusiasm as he runs down the beach before daylight to be the first one in the water and returns two hours later running back up the beach to describe each of the thirty waves he rode.
The health professionals and healers whose healing touch and advice enables us to bend over patients another day.
The humble young woman soccer player who stars on the Harvard soccer team.
The 88 year old physician who still practices and is my mentor, and friend, inspiring me with his integrity and work ethic.
The ex recon marine who served when the marines trained the first Navy seals, went to Vietnam and Cambodia and eventually on to spy in East Germany during the cold war
Rodney whose recycled art makes us smile and spreads joy to those who receive it.
The lego builders whose ingenuity and engineering inspire children to get off their electronic devises and actually build something.
The beautiful DEA agent who must have surprised a lot of bad guys when she put the handcuffs on them
The illustrators who bring video games to life with his art
The marketer whose video game’s unique format ends up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal
The former Carlsbad High School graduate and female basketball star that is now channeling her energy at achieving greatness in professional wrestling.
The patient elected into the audio visual hall of fame as one of its pioneering experts who shares his knowledge with us.
The SDGE workers who keep our lights on.
All the community activists who care about Carlsbad and spend their energy and time trying to protect our quality of life.
All the supporters of the Boys and Girls club including all the patients who win/loose bets with doctor Bell on college football games
The  amazing patients who come as far away as China to see us make us feel special.
The compassionate elder care manager that we’ve watched grow up and now gives us advice on how to help/deal with my mother and father in law
The local  surf shop owners who are always ready to donate to the community no matter the cause.
The surfboard shaper who creates boards that make us look good
The local clothing store that keeps us in fashion making our wives happy
The young couple who honored me by asking me to marry them.
The baton twirling champion who wins the national championship and is so good that she drops the baton and still wins
The ex Chicago options trader whose lightening mind that worked the trading floor keeps us laughing with his humour.
The retired veterinarian whose new passion is search and rescue.
The Carlsbad fireman friends and patients whose kindness to my mother in law goes above an beyond the call of duty treating her like family.
The two patients who independently went to Africa and took tooth brushes with them to distribute to children. Both said the animal watching safaris were incredible but one of the highlights was handing out toothbrushes to those in need.
The long time patient over 35 years who in her fourth round of chemo for cancer comes in and raises our spirits and inspires us.
The dedicated teachers who spend countless hours working to educate the next generations.
The young couple who I have known since they were sweet hearts in high school(they are now 50) who came to my 65th birthday in Costa Rica and brought such great young energy to the event.
To the surfboard shaper poet and internet genius( a 21st  century) man who is always willing to help with our internet needs.  His supportive girlfriend who can out surf him.
To our patients at Paradise Pizza who saved the engagement party when the other caterers had a “flat tire’ and did not show up. Great pizza too!
The patient/florist whose gift of her fathers’s book documenting the intersection of mathematics and religion makes us contemplate the real meaning of life.
The young Olympic hopeful  volley ball star who willingly shares her passion with others
The manger of surf super stars who takes the time to counsel young surfers on the nuances of the surf business.
The eccentric art professor/body surfer at a local junior college who is invited to teach classes at Yale and looks forward to “teaching” the cultural elite.
The retired SDGE lineman/artist who creates a custom cartoon Christmas card for us every year
The NFL quarter back coach who tries to keep his NFL “super star” protege out of trouble.
The professional dirt bike riding senior who insists on competing against the younger riders and wins.
The musicians whose music brings us joy.
All the patients who care about us and our families and share with us their  triumphs, joys and sorrows.
All the dental  specialists and all their staffs that provide excellent professional care and treat our patients as if they are family.
If you do not see yourself on the list this year we have not forgotten you, we simply have just so much space.  We will continue our list next year.