Toothbrushes around the world: a good foriegn policy

Our patients as Dental Ambassadors:  A Foreign policy that actually works

My faith in the goodness of people is constantly reinforced by the acts of kindness, community commitment and generosity of our patients. We try to contribute by donating to the community and to our patients efforts to help others. One of the best ways we have been able to contribute is by promoting our passion, dental health by providing toothbrushes to our patients who are traveling to impoverished areas.  Our patients fill valuable space in their luggage  with toothbrushes in order to help others.  Almost no one has refused the gift of a toothbrush. ( The interesting story of the one person who refused a toothbrush I will recount at a different time.) Most people just break out into a thankful smile. Our patients and toothbrushes have found their way to Africa, Panama, Cook Islands, Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica , Cuba, and most recently Guatemala and Mexico.

From Carlsbad to Guatemala

Josh Cantor, the owner of California Water sports at Agua Hedionda and his family traveled to Guatemala and distributed 100 toothbrushes to needy children at an orphanage.

Guatemalan orphans with toothbrushes

Guatemalan orphans with toothbrushes

From Carlsbad to Mexico

Jeri Sipe, whose father was a well respected dentist who I talked to about a partnership when I first got out of dental school and yes her husband is Brian the MVP quarterback for the Cleveland browns distributed toothbrushes in Tijuana

From Carlsbad to  Africa

Our patient Sally recently returned from Africa where she again visited schools and distributed toothbrushes.  The toothbrushes are always a big hit..

studstudents with new toothbrushes

Students with new toothbrushes

We have also donated toothbrushes to causes close to home like the relief efforts after the Harmony fire here in Carlsbad and to Rady Childrens hospital at Christmas.

We would love to take full credit but we mostly are just the conduit for the goodness of others, specifically the Sunstar Butler toothbrush company that provides the toothbrushes to us to help others. They provide us with seconds and misprints knowing that we will find a good cause to donate to. Occasionally we do have to pull from our own supply when we run short but the Butler company’s generosity can not be underestimated or matched.