A Dental New Years Resolution

A suggestion for a Dental New Years Resolution and a chance to win a Mini Ipad!


Over the years we have seen numerous stupid ways to break your teeth, see the list below. We suggest you make it your New Years resolution not to try any of them. Four of these were actually accomplished by people in our office, two of them by Dr. Bell. The first person to guess which four will win a mini Ipad. Send your entry by the numbers as a comment on our Facebook page: Carlsbad Dentist

Twenty four easy ways to end up like this:











1.Try to ride two people on a skateboard at once.
2. On a dare, after a few cocktails try to walk across a pool in high heels on a 4 by 4 and land on the pool coping with your teeth.
3. On the sidelines take off your helmet to celebrate winning the junior college football championship and get hit in the mouth by your teammate swinging his helmet to celebrate.
4. Mouth off to a guy way bigger than you at a drunken party.
5. Play college division 1 water polo without a mouth guard.
6. Get shot in the tooth by your own BB ricocheting back at you.
7. Try to bite through one of those security tags on clothing.
8. After breaking a tooth eating corn nuts one day, the next day eat more corn nuts on the other side and break another tooth.
9. Close your eyes and swim into a pool wall playing Marco Polo.
10. Jump up and down on a wet trampoline.
11, Jump on a trampoline with more than one person at a time.
12. Have your dog excitedly jump up and hit you in the mouth.
13. Have the one year old in your lap throw his head back into your chin.
14. Play high school basketball without a mouth guard.
15. Play pick up basketball at the park and piss your team mate off by not passing the ball to him causing him to punch you in the mouth.
16. Show how macho you are at a party by opening beer bottles with your teeth.
17. Drink so much tequila that you wake and realize you have no idea what happened or where the other half of your front tooth is.
18. Jump off a 30 ft bridge because all the kids are doing it and forget to keep your mouth closed when you hit the water.
19. Do Karate without a mouth guard.
20. Trip while running at night and stop your fall to the pavement with your front tooth and chin.
21. In a dark closet pull something off the top shelf while looking up even though you can’t see anything and have the object on top fall and hit you in the front tooth
22. In an adult softball game sacrifice yourself (your tooth) by sliding into second base head first
23. Play broom hockey with a girlfriend you are breaking up with.
24.  Ride your skateboard into a pole.

Have  a happy,  healthy  New Year and make your best guess for the four stupid tricks performed by our dental office team and win a mini I pad.